When it comes to providing power to a diverse range of machinery applications, Honda General Purpose Engines continue to lead the way

POWER PRODUCTS-Honda General Purpose Engines copy 2Honda annually provides approximately five million general-purpose engines, which are manufactured in six countries, to 86 countries around the world as the power source for various machines used in construction, industry, agriculture, home gardening and other applications such as generators, tillers and lawn mowers, as well as various handheld devices including hedge trimmers.

Honda GX Series Engines have long been recognized as the industry leader in providing reliable, easy-starting and fuel efficient small engines. That is why they are so widely used within the rental industry where power equipment is subjected to the ultimate test of durability and where complete customer satisfaction and a minimal level of maintenance and repair are a prerequisite.
POWER PRODUCTS-Honda General Purpose Engines3 copy 2What’s more to fully support their product, all Honda GX-engines entering the market are backed by a 3 Year Warranty, covering both commercial and non-commercial use. For several decades now, Honda has played a leading role in the ‘Power Products’ industry, offering outstanding products and customer service to match. While some of their competitors are content to follow where they lead, they have always kept, and will continue to keep the focus on innovation.