When it comes to moving water, everyday people are using Honda Water Pumps whatever the application

POWER PRODUCTS-When it comes to moving water2 copy 2Honda water pumps are indispensable for farming, construction sites, supplying water during a drought and removing water in the event of a flood caused by a disaster or other emergency. With Honda manufacturing over 30 thousand water pumps a year in its plants located in Japan, India, China and the United States, you can well imagine that there are a number of different types according to the respective application.

General-purpose pumps are used in fields for irrigation and at various construction sites.
POWER PRODUCTS-When it comes to moving water5 copy 2High-pressure pumps are used when water needs to be pumped up to high elevations or over long distances, and ultra lightweight pumps can be easily taken anywhere.

Honda’s lineup for certain markets also includes trash pumps that can be used to pump water containing a certain amount of solids (30mm in size or less) and special pumps that can be used for chemical reagents.

Regardless of the type of pump, engine performance has a large influence on the quality of the pump, since water pumps are generally operated for many hours at a constant speed. Honda water pumps incorporate the GX engine, which is highly renowned throughout the globe as the standard for commercial use power products because of its world-class environmental performance and durability.
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