Honda’s 2018 NC750X is every Scientist’s Favourite Bike

More power, more tech, same great fuel savings (By Zack Courts –

The slogan “you meet the nicest people on a Honda” is 50 years old, and yet we still see reminders of why that phrase defines the brand. Case in point, the 2018 NC700X. Even within Honda’s lineup, it doesn’t have the cachet and pedigree of the Africa Twin or retro flair of the new CB1000R. The NC series isn’t usually a favourite for the “world’s sexiest bike” competition, but it is one of a handful of motorcycles that has been updated for 2018 and gets some pretty nifty kit.
MOTORCYCLES-Honda’s 2018 NC750X1

The marquis upgrade is arguably the addition of two-level Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)—that’s Honda-speak for traction control, which hasn’t been adjustable up until now. You can even hold the adjustment button down and turn TC off. The other big news is a boost of 75cc to the SOHC parallel twin engine, up from 670cc to 745cc, via 4mm more bore in each cylinder and the main reason for the change in nomenclature, from 700 to 750. Based on Europe’s experience with this bike already (notice the photo Honda provided is of a 2017 Euro model), we can expect a few extra horses on tap, and perhaps a bit of a dip in miles-per-gallon figures. Normally we wouldn’t mention that, but in the case of the NC, efficiency is kind of its thing.
MOTORCYCLES-Honda’s 2018 NC750X2

For 2018 the NC750X will sport an LED headlight, taillight, and running lights—trendy AND efficient, well played. A multi-colour, semi-psychedelic dash is adjustable to a gaggle of different colours, which can be changed by the rider. The popular Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT for short) will continue to be an option for 2018. Being that NC riders are a discerning bunch, heated grips are an option, and of course the bike retains the 22-litre “frunk” storage compartment (big enough for a full-face helmet) where the gas tank would normally reside.

Beyond those updates, expect the NC750X to be similarly versatile and practical for 2018, just like the NC700X has served us for the past few years. And if you see an NC along your travels, say hello—chances are the rider is unusually nice.