Remove the hassles when getting back on the water this season in your Honda-powered boat

The season for fun, relaxation and quality time with family and friends is once again upon us, so make sure that you’re able to maximize upon it by carrying out some basic checks in terms of the general condition of your boat, Honda engine and trailer, as well as by making sure that all safety precautions and legal documentation is up to date.
Honda BF250 Launch Napoli Oct 2011

General Condition of Boat/ Honda Engine and Trailer

  • Check your HULL for any obvious damage that you may have missed since last using your boat, also that may have been inadvertently caused during any storage period.
  • Start your engine (with water-fed muffs on dry land), having made sure that your battery is fully charged and that your kill switch is in place.
  • Also before launching check that your Power Trim & Tilt, and that all instrumentation and navigational equipment is functioning. It’s not cool drifting from the launch site with zero power in a strong current…
  • As you are well aware, trailer wheel bearings and brakes do not like the salt water, so to avoid damage and potential wheel seizure, ensure that your trailer wheel bearings are checked and greased regularly and that you hose down your trailer after each and every salt water launch or retrieval.
  • Another important point is to check your trailer lights on a regular basis.


  • The legally required annual check by an authorized SAMSA representative of the safety equipment on your boat will give you an up to date COF or Certificate of Fitness. This will mean that from a safety perspective, everything that you’ll need on board once underway is in place, however it’s always a good habit to double-check for yourself.
  • If you have children and it’s been a while since the last boat outing, it’s advisable to check that the children haven’t outgrown their PFD’s/ Life Jackets and that bigger sizes may be required.

Legal Requirements

  • Check that at all times you carry water-tight/ laminated copies of all the legally required documentation on board:Boat Registration/ Skipper’s Licence/ COF – Certificate of Fitness/ any specific local Permits (SANParks or other requiring you to pay a short term or annual fee based on the size and HP rating of your engines).

This will without doubt avoid any potential dramas with local water authorities who tend to lose their patience and sense of humour over season based on the antics of a limited few who sometimes spoil it for the rest of us…

Above all if you have any questions or queries contact us at the shop and we will willingly assist you. Wishing you much fun and enjoyment on the water from all at Honda Marine!