The Honda Brushcutter leads the way in all areas

The Honda Brushcutter features Honda’s GX35 mini 4-stroke engine which is among the lightest and quietest 4-stroke engines on the market today. But don’t let its small size fool you, this engine is both powerful and durable. It also has many other advantages… The GX35 advantages: No mixing
 - The Honda Brushcutter uses regular unleaded petrol. You never have to worry about mixing petrol and oil. That saves time, effort, and hassles. And with a Honda brushcutter, there’s no... Read more

Honda launches all-new EU22i Generator – Efficient, Reliable and Compact

Honda has added a new generator to their extensive lineup. The new EU22i is a great all-rounder with enough power to run all the essentials. It is compact, reliable and easy to use while also being small enough to take with you anywhere you go. Weighing at just 21Kgs it is easy to carry, transport, store and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether you need it for home, recreational or professional use, the Honda EU22i is designed to deliver and guarantees smooth, uninterrupted electricity wherever... Read more

Honda Inverter Generators continue to lead the way

The precision of Honda's inverter technology ensures its power is closer to "line power" more than any other generator design. Their inverter generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home. What’s more Honda engineers use inverter technology to integrate parts from the engine and the generator. For example, the alternator on our EU10i, EU20i, and EU30iS is combined with the engine flywheel. This allows inverter generators to be smaller and lighter weight... Read more

Whether spending quality time at home or out on the camping trails this Easter, the Honda EU65is Generator offers you power solutions for all applications

The Honda EU65is is an ideal all-purpose generator, with a range of applications ranging from camping to emergency power supply when blackouts occur. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to move to where it’s needed, thanks to a sturdy frame, integrated wheels and fold-away handles. The EU65iS is also extremely quiet, with an operational noise level of just 60dB, thanks to a noise-reducing casing, acoustic panelling, and the generator’s EcoThrottle, which automatically adjusts engine speed... Read more

Honda Water Pumps are the choice of everyday people when water needs to be moved

Honda water pumps are indispensable for farming, construction sites, supplying water during a drought and removing water in the event of a flood caused by a disaster or other emergency. With Honda manufacturing over 30 thousand water pumps a year in its plants located in Japan, India, China and the United States, you can well imagine that there are a number of different types according to the respective application. General-purpose pumps are used in fields for irrigation and at various construction... Read more

Honda Power Equipment leading the way in terms of Environmental Responsibility

Honda Power Equipment offers you the most reliable and durable lawn and garden care, generators and pumps, and other power equipment for your home or business. Honda’s products run quietly, efficiently and produce low emission levels making them the right choice for environmental responsibility. Not only are Honda products the right choice for the job at hand, they are the right choice for the environment. Maintaining a healthy lawn with your Honda lawnmower has many positive effects on the... Read more

When it comes to providing power to a diverse range of machinery applications, Honda General Purpose Engines continue to lead the way

Honda annually provides approximately five million general-purpose engines, which are manufactured in six countries, to 86 countries around the world as the power source for various machines used in construction, industry, agriculture, home gardening and other applications such as generators, tillers and lawn mowers, as well as various handheld devices including hedge trimmers. Honda GX Series Engines have long been recognized as the industry leader in providing reliable, easy-starting and fuel... Read more

Why you should consider upgrading to Honda Power Equipment for all your power needs in 2018

Honda is dedicated to the challenge of applying new technologies and achieving top performance. Throughout the decades Honda has consistently designed and engineered 4-stroke technology that is without parallel. They believe engines shouldn't just be built to perform - they should do so with maximum efficiency and economy. That's the Honda Advanced 4-Stroke Technology difference, and that's why more and more South Africans are choosing to upgrade to Honda. The top reasons why it pays to upgrade... Read more

With much hoped-for Summer rains coming, it’s time to get your Honda Mulching Lawnmower out into your garden to do what it does best

In the case of Honda’s mulching lawnmowers, the mulch consists of grass clippings from the mowed lawn grass. The clippings are cut into fine pieces that fall easily to the soil surface. There, they can be rapidly broken down by soil microorganisms, which release nutrients from the mulched plant material back into the soil. For more information on Honda lawnmowers go to: Why should I mulch... Read more

Household solutions from both Honda Portable and Standby Generators

Honda generators can be divided into two categories, portable and standby. While both deliver reliable back-up power, each category of generators has strengths and weaknesses that will determine which type will provide the best solution for each household’s set of circumstances. Here is a brief summary of the two generator categories: Portable Generators Portable generators are lighter in weight and more versatile than the standby variety. Portability allows for uses ranging from providing... Read more