Remove the hassles when getting back on the water this season in your Honda-powered boat

The season for fun, relaxation and quality time with family and friends is once again upon us, so make sure that you’re able to maximize upon it by carrying out some basic checks in terms of the general condition of your boat, Honda engine and trailer, as well as by making sure that all safety precautions and legal documentation is up to date. General Condition of Boat/ Honda Engine and Trailer Check your HULL for any obvious damage that you may have missed since last using your boat,... Read more

Honda BF60hp giving the ultimate power option with its superb acceleration, best in class fuel efficiency and overall reliability

The impressive BF60 offers a host of Honda-exclusive technologies and consumer benefits. The BF60 EFI continues to redefine four-stroke performance thanks to a full complement of performance and efficiency-oriented technologies, together with phenomenal durability and complete ease of maintenance. Performance - The engine's high-performance gear case and 2.07:1 gear ratio, coupled with Honda's revolutionary Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) system, create a strong holeshot and competitive top-end... Read more

If you’re wanting to power a small craft on the water then Honda Marine’s portable BF2 and BF5 outboards offer the best solutions

The smallest engines in the Honda Marine 4-stroke only lineup, the BF2 and BF5 portable outboards deliver easy starting and quiet operation paired with outstanding fuel efficiency, and as a result have established themselves as the engines of choice for anyone wanting to power a small Honwave inflatable, a canoe, a tender or any small boat. BF2: A Mini Powerhouse Small and easy to handle, Honda's BF2 is the lightest four-stroke outboard motor available at just 12 kgs, this low-maintenance,... Read more

Honda Marine’s BF30HP outboard combines world-renowned reliability with responsive performance in a lightweight, compact package

The BF30’s extraordinarily smooth, stable, and quiet operation gives all boaters maximum hassle-free time on the water – whether trolling in the shallows or motoring across the open water. The impressive BF30 incorporates a number of innovative features, including: Auto Start Enrichment; Centre-Mount Tiller; PGM Ignition; 3-to-3 Induction; 4-Front Corrosion Protection; Engine Alert System; and Gas Assist Tilt for running in shallow water. And at just 60kgs/ 159 pounds, the BF30 is the lightest... Read more

Honda Marine’s exciting 80 and 100hp outboards offering discerning boat owners that extra performance edge

The BF80 and BF100 provide new levels of performance in their sectors through their world-renowned technologies and have strengthened the overall Honda Marine outboard line up. With their lightweight and compact design these engines provide optimum levels of performance whilst ensuring best fuel economy. What’s more the sleek streamline design fits and compliments any customer choice of boat, maximising their boating experience. Both these models make the very most of the many unique advanced... Read more

Honda’s ever-popular lightweight powerhouse Honda BF90HP Outboard Engine will be a common sight on the water these holidays

Because Honda Marine's BF90 affords boaters the fuel efficiency and quiet operation of Honda's legendary technology combined with the lightweight and explosive acceleration traditionally associated with two-stroke outboards, they’ll plenty of them in action over the holiday period. The BF90’s 1.5-litre, in-line 4-cylinder engine boasts Honda's exclusive Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) system, Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control (VTEC™ - BF90), Lean Burn Control, and Three Way... Read more

Easy starting, power and portability making the Honda BF20 outboard a popular choice

Honda Marine once again raised the performance bar with the BF20 outboard 4-stroke engine, the perfect portable power choice for inflatable yacht tenders, small fishing boats, pontoon boats, or as backup power on larger fishing boats or sail boats. Weighing only 46kgs, the BF20 is the first 4-stroke outboard of its kind to weigh less than most of the other 10 horsepower motors on the market today. The best boating depends on the right start, ease of maintenance, and maximum time on the water,”... Read more

How to Properly Care for your Honda Marine Outboard Engine after Salt Water Operation

Your Honda Marine engine is designed and manufactured to precise specifications to ensure years of trouble-free operation. Operating and storing of your engine in salt water or polluted water may have adverse effects on your outboard. The good news is most salt/polluted water problems can be avoided by following a few simple steps. Follow These Steps to Prevent Most Polluted or Salt Water Operational Issues: (Step/ Reason) Always flush your outboard with fresh water after each use in salt... Read more

If you’re looking for world-class performance, reliability and durability, then the Honda BF200/BF225 and flagship BF250 outboards provide the solution that you’re looking for

Honda’s BF200, BF225 (3.5L) and flagship BF250 (3.6L) all have powerful large-displacement V6 engines, providing boaters with some of the most technologically advanced outboard power available. Based on the proven technologly found in Honda’s automotive engines and incorporating exclusive marine technologies, these revolutionary, high performance outboards deliver superior torque, top-end speed and overall world-class reliability and durability in a narrow, balanced 60° ‘V’ profile powerplant. MAXIMUM... Read more

Some tips to buying the right Honda outboard engine for your specific boating usage applications

When you buy a new boat and are looking for the right Honda outboard engine with which to power it, you can follow some relatively simple criteria to ensure that you maximize upon the potential of your overall boat package. Your local Honda Marine dealer will be able to give you good advice in terms of the best power options for your individual boat based on the boat builder’s specifications. This will immediately narrow it down to a minimum and a maximum recommended horsepower rating. One... Read more